Naan recipe

Naan recipe

NAAN is an indian bread which is baked in tandoor.But I will bake it on tawa.Breads occupy a major part of indian food,so there are so many varieties of breads.Naan is one one of them.Naan is made of all purpose flour,so it is tasty but not as healthy as roti.Naan always become a part of parties.


All purpose flour – 2 cups

Salt – 1/2 spoon

Sugar – 1 spoon

Curd – 25 grams

Oil – 1 spoon

Baking soda – 1/2 spoon

Lukewarm milk to make dough

Butter to apply on naan


To make naan,Pour all purpose flour in a mixing bowl.Add salt and sugar.Mix all the dry ingredients.

Make a well in the centre of mixing bowl and pour curd,oil and baking soda.Mix all the wet ingredients.

Now mix dry and wet ingredients.Make a soft and sticky dough with milk.

Let the dough to take rest for 1 hour.

After 1 hour,knead the dough for 1 minute.

All purpose flour can be used while kneading the dough.

Make balls out of dough.

Roll the ball in either round or oval shape.

On one side of naan,sprinke onion seeds or garlic and chopped corinder leaves.

On the other side,apply water to make it sticky.

Heat a tawa and put naan on the tawa.The wet side should go on the tawa.

When lower side get baked,flip tawa on direct flame.

Bake till brown marks appear.

Transfer naan in the plate and apply butter.

Naan is ready.Enjoy!

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