Indian Sweets pickle recipe

Gobhi,Gajar,Shalgum ka achaar

Gobhi,Gajar,Shalgum ka achaar

Gobhi,Gajar,Shalgum ka achaar is a seasonal pickle of winters when these vegetables are in abundance.Pickles are an important part of our food because achaars boost digestion.Achaar of seasonal vegetables has the benefits of pickle as well as of precious vegetables.Spices used in this pickle boost metabolism.


Carrots – 750 grams

Gobhi – 1 kg.

Shalgum – 500 grams

Garlic – 100 grams

Ginger – 100 grams

Jaggery – 150 grams

White vinegarĀ  – 4 spoons

Kashmiri red chilly powder – 11/2 spoon

Mustard powder – 11/2 spoon

Salt – 1 spoon

Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 spoon

Black pepper corns – 1/2 spoon

Cumin seeds – 1 spoon

Cloves – 8

Cinnamon sticks – 2

Black cardamoms – 3

Mustard oil – 1 cup


First step is to reduce the water contents of vegetables.There are two methods to reduce it.One is to wash and dry vegetables under sun or under fan.Second is to apply salt on the vegetables and put in the strainer.Water will release due the process of exosmosis.

Next is to dry roast the spices.Roast fenugreek seeds,black pepper corns,cumin seeds,black cardamoms,cinnamon sticks and cloves.Grind when cold.

Soak jaggery in vinegar.

Heat a kadai and pour mustard oil.Heat till fumes come out.

Wait till oil become less hot.

Add garlic and ginger paste.Saute till moisture evaporates.

Now add red chilly powder, ground spices and mix.

Add mustard powder and saute for 30 seconds.

Add jaggery soaked in vinegar and mix.

Add vegetables and mix.

Now add salt and mix.

Wait till cold.

Transfer in a clean and dry jar.

Achaar will be ready to eat on 4th day as mustard powder will mature on 4th day.

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