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Aloo halwa

Aloo halwa/आलू  हलवा /नवरात्रों में बना कर खाएँ और खिलायें

Aloo halwa is an accurate dish to relish during fasts especially navratres.As aloo or potatoes are liked by people who fast.So this recipe is the perfect.Aloo halwa is an aromatic dessert which is enjoyed by most of the Indians.Aloo is a vegetable which is used mostly while fasting.Here is a sweet dish made of potatoes.


Boiled potatoes – 500 grams

Ghee – 3 spoons

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Dry fruits – 1/2 cup


Peel and mash the boiled potatoes.

Pour ghee in the kadai.

Add mashed potatoes when ghee is hot.

Saute potatoes till ghee separates.

Add and mix sugar and dry fruits.

Aloo halwa is ready but before serving keep halwa on the side of kadai so that extra ghee can be separated.

Garnish with dry fruits slices.

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