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Bread pizza packets

Bread pizza packets/ब्रेड पिज़्ज़ा पौकिट्स

Bread pizza packets is a snack recipe.Its outer covering is of bread slices and stuffing is of pizza toppings,so is the name bread pizza packets.It is a deep fried snack but can be shallow fried and oven baked.Pizza lovers love this too much.It can also act as tiffin box food.


Bread slices – 10

All purpose flour – 20 grams

Oil for frying


Butter – 15 grams

Chopped garlic – 1 spoon

Chopped – 1

Chopped capsicum – 2 spoons

Chopped mushroom – 2 spoons

Sweet corns – 2 spoons

Chopped tomato without pulp – 2 spoons

Chopped carrot – 2 spoons

Oregano – 1 spoon

Mixed herbs – 1 spoon

Black olives – 7

Jalepino – 8

Mozzrella cheese – 50 grams


Heat 15 grams butter in a pan.

Add garlic and saute lightly.

Add onions and saute till brown.

Now add capsicum,mushroom,sweet corns and carrots and saute lightly.

Add green olives,black olives and jalepinos and mix.

Add pizza sauce and mozzrella cheese and mix.

Pizza stuffing is ready.

Cut bread slices sides and roll till thin.

Make paste of all purpose flour.

Put stuffing in the rolled bread.Apply all purpose flour paste on the corners of bred.Fold the bread to make a packet.

Make all packets.

Fry on medium heat.

Serve with green chutney .

You will love Bread pizza recipe

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