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Moong dal appe

Moong dal appe/मूँग दाल अप्पे

MOONG DAL APPE is a highly proteinaceous  and equally yummy breakfast.As cooking of appe is less time consuming,so working personnels can also cook for breakfast.It is made of moong dal and vegetables which makes it a perfect meal.Moong dal appe is made in appampatra,so cooked in almost zero oil.You can also add paneer and can add to the nutrition value.These can be packed in tiffin also.So it is an ideal option for healthy breakfast and evening snack.


Moong dal – 150 grams

Grated carrot – 2 spoons

Chopped french beans – 2 spoons

Green capsicum chopped – 2 spoons

Chopped onion – 1 medium

Grated ginger – 1 spoon

Sliced green chilly 1 spoon

Chopped green coriander leaves – 2 spoons

Lemon juice – of 1

Baking soda – 1/2 spoon

Oil – 1/2 spoon

Salt – as per taste

For stuffing

Paneer – 30 grams

Green chilly chopped 1 spoon

Grated ginger – 1/2 spoon

chopped Almonds – 5

chopped Raisins – 5

Black pepper powder – 1/2 spoon

Salt – as per taste


To make Moong dal appe,soak 150 grams of moong dal for 4 hours.

Strain and blend dal to a paste.

Transfer dal paste to a mixing bowl.

Add grated carrots,chopped french beans,capsicum chopped,sliced green chillies,chopped onions,chopped corinder leaves,red chilly powder,lemon juice .Mix.

For stuffing mash paneer and add chopped almond,chopped raisins,chopped ginger,black pepper powder and salt to taste.Mix well.

Now add baking soda and salt to dal paste.Mix.

Heat the appampatra.Grease with oil.

Pour 1 spoon of dal mixture in all the cavities of appompatra.Add stuffing and once again dal mixture.

Set the gas flame to sim mode and cook for 5 minutes while lid on.

After 5 minutes,put off the lid and invert all the appe.

Again cook for 3 minutes while lid is on.

Put off the lid and cook appe till brown and crisp.

Serve  MOONG DAL APPE with any chutney or sauce of your choice.

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