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Paneer 65

Paneer 65 recipe

Paneer 65 is a paneer variant of chicken 65 which is invented by A.M.Buhari of the Buhari Hotel chain.Its origin has many myths.Some claim that this dish has 65 chilly peppers but other claim that it just mean 65 pieces of chicken.It is also said that the requirement for the meat is from 65 days old chickens.Paneer 65 and gobhi 65 are the modified versions for vegetarians.Paneer cubes are marinated,fried and seasoned with spices and sauces.


For marination

Paneer – 250 grams

Curd – 2 spoons

All purpose flour – 2 spoons

Cornflour – 2 spoons

Kashmiri lal mirch powder – 1 spoon

Black pepper powder – 1/2 spoon

Green chillies – 2

Garlic paste – 1 spoon

Ginger paste – 1 spoon

Salt – 1/2 spoon

Red food colour – a few drops

For tempering

Oil – 1 spoon

Garlic chopped – 1 spoon

Green chilles – 5

Onion – 1

Red chilly sauce – 2 spoons

Tomato sauce – 1 spoon

White vinegar – 1 spoon

Oil for frying paneer pieces


To make Paneer 65,Cut paneer into cubes.

To make marianation add all purpose flour,corn flour,kashmiri red chilly powder,ginger paste,garlic paste,black pepper powder,chopped green chillies and salt in the curd.

Mix well and make a batter by adding 1/2 cup water.Mix paneer cubes in the batter and marianate for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes,add a few drops of red food colour and mix.

Fry paneer cubes in medium hot oil.

In a pan heat i spoon of oil and add chopped garlic.

Add chopped onion,slit green chillies when chopped garlic is done.

When onion and green chillies are done,add red chilly sauce,tomato sauce and white vinegar an mix well.

Now comes the turn of fried paneer cubes.Add and mix.

Paneer 65 is ready.Serve hot as starter before lunch or dinner maincourse.

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