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How to make mushroom soup

How to make Mushroom soup

Once you will learn how to make Mushroom soup,you will not resist yourself from making this nutritious soup.Mushroom soup is tasty and protein packed.Mushrooms are cut,sauted with onions,garlic paste and then blended to make cream of mushrooms.Tomato soup and sweet corn soup are also yummy and healthy soups.

Ingredients (How to make Mushroom soup)

Mushrooms – 400 grams

Butter – 2o grams

Onion – 1

Garlic paste – 1/2 spoon

Carrot pieces – 2 spoons

Cornflour – 3 spoons

black pepper powder – 1/2 spoon

Juice of 1 lemon

Milk cream – 2 spoons

Salt as per taste

How to make Mushroom soup (Method)

Wash and dry mushrooms.

Cut 2 mushrooms into smaller pieces and remaining into larger pieces.

Heat a a pan and put 10 grams of butter.

Chop onion and put in the pan.

Add garlic paste when butter melts.

Add mushrooms and salt when garlic paste is done.

Saute for a minute.Cover and cook for 5 minutes on low mode of gas stove while covered.

Blend mushrooms when cool down.

Heat a sauce pan.Add 10 grams of butter.

Add smaller pieces of mushrooms.Also add 2 spoons of chopped carrots to give nice chunky form to soup.

Saute for 30 second and cook for 1 minute on low mode of gas stove while covered.

Add blended mushrooms when mushroom and carrot chunks are soft.

Add 4 cups of water and mix.

Add slurry of cornflour when water soup starts boiling.

Cook while continuously stirring.

When soup thickens,add blackpepper powder and lemon juice.Mix well.

Now add milk cream and mix.

Mushroom soup is ready,so serve and garnish with milk cream.

Enjoy Mushroom soup to keep yourself  warm and filled in winters.

Try Mushroom soup before main course meal including naan and Malai kofta






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