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American pancake recipe easy

American pancake recipe easy

Go through American pancake recipe easy and learn to make American pancakes.It is a flat,round and fluffy cake which is prepared from a batter that have all purpose flour,sugar,milk,eggs,vanilla extract and baking powder. Mapel syrup or honey or fruit sauce is poured over the pancakes.Malpua and Paneer malpua are also yummy and healthy versions.

Ingredients (American pancake recipe easy)

All purpose flour – 200 grams

Sugar – 50 grams

Milk – 250 grams

Eggs – 2

Vanilla extract – 1 spoon

Honey  Р1/4 cup

Butter – 1 spoon

Method (American pancake recipe easy)

Sift all purpose flour,powdered sugar, and baking powder.

Blend eggs,milk and vanilla extract.

Add wet ingredients in the dry ingredients and blend.

Add candied cherries in the batter and mix gently.

Heat a pan and grease it with butter.Wipe it with a papar towel.

Lower the heat to low mode and pour a spoon of batter on the pan.

Flip the pancake when done.

When both the sides of pancake are done,pull it in the plate.

Make all the pancakes in the similar manner.

Pour honey over the stack of pancakes.

Pancakes are ready to serve.

This is all about American pancake recipe easy.Gajar malpua is  a variation.Gajar ka halwa is also a healthy dessert.


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