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Methi ladoo recipe

Methi ladoo recipe

Learn Methi ladoo recipe and prepare marvellous Methi ladoos. Methi ladoo is a medicine more than a sweet delicacy.It is given to arthritis patients and new moms.These ladoo are made from methi seeds, milk, dry fruits and jaggery. Aloo halwa and Moong dal halwa are also tasty dessert options.


Fenugreek seeds – 300 grams

Chickpea flour – 100 grams

Jaggery – 100 grams

Milk – 600 ml.

Pure ghee – 200 grams

Gum raisin – 50 gram

Fox nutsĀ  – 25 grams

Almonds – 100 grams

White pepper powder – 1 spoon

Ginger powder – 1 spoon


Grind fenugreek seeds to powder.

Boil milk and switch off the gas stove.

Add fenugreek powder in boiled milk and mix.

Let it stay for 1 hour while covered.

Heat a kadai and add 100 grams of ghee and let it melt.

Fry gum raisins when ghee is medium hot.

Fry fox nuts also in the same ghee.

Now add 50 grams of ghee and roast chickpea flour till light brown.

Add 100 grams of ghee and roast methi powder soaked in milk till moisture evaporates.

Grind Fox nuts and almonds in powder.

Crush gum raisins with bowl.

Heat jaggery till melts and mix gum raisins powder, fox nuts powder,chickpea flour,almonds powder,ginger powder and white pepper powder.

Make ladoos out of this mixture.

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