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Gajar ki kheer recipe

Gajar ki kheer recipe | Carrot kheer

Gajar ki kheer recipe is shared.It is a healthy and nutritious dessert.Gajar ki kheer is made by cooking grated carrots in milk.Kheer is made instant by adding milkmaid and made thick by adding roasted instant oats.Gajar ka halwa,Gajar malpua and carrot balls are other carrot desserts.Unlike Rice kheer ,It is a healthy kheer as it does not have carbohydrate.


Milk – 1 litre

Carrots – 2

Green cardamoms – 4

Sugar – 2 spoons

Milkmaid – 1/2 cup

Roasted instant oats – 2 spoons

Sliced dry fruits – 1/4 cup


Split green cardamoms and grate carrots.

Boil milk. Add green cardamoms and grated carrots.

Let milk to boil again.

Cook carrots on low mode of gas stove for 10 minutes while lid is covered.

Pull off the lid and add milkmaid.

Now add oats and sliced dry fruits.

Cook till kheer is thickened.

Add sugar and mix.

Serve and garnish with sliced pistachios.


Wheat halwa and Halwasan are other must try recipes.






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