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French onion soup recipe in hindi

French onion soup

Learn French onion soup recipe in hindi and come out with a tasty soup.French onion soup is made by sauteing onions till dark brown and then simmered in brown stock.A delicious delicacy of France.It is a served as starter.It is topped with bread and cheese slices and crust is made brown in oven.Tomato soup and mushroom soups are also tasty soups.

Ingredients (French onion soup recipe in hindi)

Butter – 10 grams

Oil – 1 spoon

Sliced onions – 4

Salt – 1 spoon

Brown sugar – 1 spoon

All purpose flour – 2 spoons

Black pepper powder – 1/2 spoons

Bread slices – 4

Cheese slices – 2

Method (French onion soup recipe in hindi)

Heat 5 grams butter and 1 spoon oil in a kadai.

Pour sliced onion,brown sugar and salt and saute till dark brown.

In a separate pan,saute 2 spoons of all purpose flour in 5 grams of butter till brown.


In the kadai of brown onions,pour brown stock and cook till boiling.

Add black pepper powder and sauteed all purpose flour.

Cook till required consistency.

Transfer soup in a bowl.

Put bread slices and cheese slice on top of soup and bake at 180 degree for 5 minutes.

French onion soup is ready.


Learn to make Brown vegetable  stock for French onion soup.










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